Public Relations & Meeting Coverage

It’s the client’s objectives that matter most to Ben.  His experience provides him with a perspective and breadth of knowledge not often found in today’s marketplace.  He “gets it” in terms of which VIPs should be in which shots.

Ben’s photographic coverage provides the visual complement to your clients’ mission-driven objectives. Whether you’re honoring a high profile politician, actor, or business executive, or a fearless community leader and change maker, Ben photographs each subject with discretion and humility. He’ll capture the shot with impact and power while remaining inconspicuous; you won’t know he was there until you see the results the next day.

Event examples include: Business Meetings, Advocacy Fly-In’s, Policy Conferences, Non-Profit Fundraising Galas, Trade Association Meetings, Conventions and Legislative Conferences, Product-Services Roll-Outs, Award Ceremonies, Press Conferences

Ben Zweig is your trusted source for high quality photography

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